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The graduates of the post-graduate program Chemistry Education, Information and Communication Technology and Education for Sustainable Development (ChEd-ICT-ESD) have obtained complete and modern pedagogical and technological training in order to be professionally employed in the field of Education, in actions related to teaching, the social diffusion of scientific knowledge, and ICT, as well as in programs of interdisciplinary approach and evaluation of Sciences and ICT. They can effectively function in the positions of coordinators of innovative developmental programs and research subjects (projects) of science education, managers of training programs, executives of analytical programs development and of educational software, designers of scientific educational materials, coordinators of scientific activities for the school -family -society connection, in the education of adults and in special categories in Sciences and ICT.

It should be emphasized that the graduate of the program and future secondary school teacher has obtained, in addition to the required background in Chemistry, the required special knowledge in the field of teaching, being able to handle difficult, unclear and, sometimes, incorrectly formulated concepts, thus charting his own personal strategy. In short, to become a creative and effective teacher thus offering the best to society.

Finally, the fact that the implementation of the program is achieved with the cooperation of the three largest Greek Institutions, NKYA, APTH and NTYA, has as a result that the specialization of postgraduate students in the context of their studies not only helps in the acquisition of skills, in the development of critical thinking and in the ability to organize a research process, but, at the same time, in strengthening the mood for cooperation, extroversion, and the interdisciplinary approach of various subjects.